Buying More Sustainable Tech

Renewable Tech at Christmas On the 3 December 1992 Neil Papworth sent the first Text Message. We have just passed a 30-year milestone in the advancement of technology and arguably the most significant invention since the creation of the wheel.  In 1985 the first GSM mobile phones became available – priced in excess of £3,000.00…

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Get ahead and Grow Your Own – Part 3

Jeanette & greenhouse

One aspect of the growing season I really missed in 2020 was getting together with my friend Paula for one of our mammoth seed-planting sessions. (Social distancing not being an option in a 6ft x 8ft greenhouse). As well as making it more sociable if you’re the only gardener in the household, joining forces with…

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Get ahead and Grow Your Own – Part 2

Guard cat on duty in the greenhouse

Let’s talk about kale. Listening to the lyrics of an Ed Sheeran song recently it occurred to me to wonder when exactly kale changed from a humble winter green to a fashionable symbol of healthy eating. Kale has actually been grown since at least Greek and Roman times, and there’s evidence of it gracing the…

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Get ahead and Grow Your Own – Part 1

Grow your own

In this strangest of years, where supermarkets experienced actual shortages and deliveries were unavailable, the prospect of homegrown fruit and vegetables probably never seemed more appealing. I’m lucky enough to own a small greenhouse and had already started the season’s seed planting when lockdown hit. There were temporary hiccups when my seed order was delayed…

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Buying a new computer that will last

HP Stream

Buying a new computer (and I mean PCs, laptops) can be confusing. There are just so many variations these days and you may be tempted to go for the cheapest and be done with it. I will be frank you with you, because this is important. Don’t do it! Buying a new computer is confusing,…

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So what does it mean to have a ‘green’ funeral?

So what does it mean to have a ‘green’ funeral? In death, as in life, there are a few things to consider for the environmentally conscious person who wishes to ‘tread lightly on the earth’, minimising any negative environmental impacts. Perhaps the main elements to consider are these: Choosing a ‘natural’ burial, in a site…

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Design Timescale for Refurbishment or Construction Projects

Pre-construction planning

Writer: Charlotte Smith, Cityzen LLP (architecture, engineering, sustainability) Everyone is always in a hurry to complete a project, before they even start! But it’s understandable. After dreaming about your new build or home renovation / extension for some time and having finally decided to take the plunge you want to make it all happen as…

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Eco travel – destination Botswana

Writer: Katrina Smith, keen traveller and Consultant for Travel Counsellors Most people have a safari holiday on their bucket list. To see beautiful wild animals in their own habitat is a must, and Botswana is certainly the place to achieve this dream. Botswana is one of the last true wilderness areas in Africa. Including the world…

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Fairtrade and the Environment – is it possible to support both?

Writer: Marie Allen, member of Fairtrade Horsham Executive Committee, and owner of local business Web Clarity Fairtrade Fortnight February 29th – March 13th As we enter Fairtrade Fortnight this year the recent, hugely successful, Paris Summit on Climate Change, is fresh in the minds of many. And for those of us who believe in Fairtrade the question…

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A Kinder Tech Approach

Kinder Tech 1

Writer: Laura Haffenden, technophile, member of Transition Horsham & Organiser of Kinder Tech I’d like to confess something. My name is Laura, and I’m a shine-oholic. I can’t help it, I just love shiny new things! Everything from mobiles to sports tech; laptops, the lot! I chose a Dell laptop as my first laptop purely…

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