Recycling and Waste Management

There’s more to a sustainable home than having a recycling bin…..

How to be waste wise

The best way to manage our waste is to reduce how much of it we make. This way, we are taking responsibility, lessening our impact on our planet, and sending a clear message to the industries responsible that we won’t accept this any longer. Don’t get us wrong, recycling and re using are great things to do, but you can save the energy needed to recycle by simply not buying the packaging in the first place.

So in this world of over packaged produce, how on earth can we lessen our impact? Don’t worry, Kinder Living are here to help.

  • Firstly, food packaging. Buy local and bring your own bags.
  • If you choose to shop in your local supermarket, choose loose fruit and vegetables where possible. You can buy or make your own re-usable produce bags.
  • Cooking more meals from scratch will also help to reduce your packaging consumption. Check out our vlogs for some tasty recipe ideas!
  • We all love a bit of online shopping, but the excess packaging that comes with it is enough to drive you round the twist! Kinder Living will always recommend shopping local where possible. Local business like FairKindChild and Earth Kind in Horsham are a great place to start. Don’t forget your reusable shopping bags!
  • Christmas can be a minefield for us waste conscious people! Check out our Kinder Christmas blog for hints and tips for surviving the festive season.

These are just a few ways to reduce the waste in your homes, but don’t forget we are all learning! Follow our waste blog here for updated hints and tips. Find out more on recycling and fixing old products on our recycling page.

Getting savvy about recycling

Whilst the best thing for the planet is to use less packaging, some packaged items are hard to avoid.

Here are a few things that we can all do to lessen our impact:

  • The first thing we can do is recycle what we can. We are lucky in the Horsham District that we have a simple and comprehensive recycling system.
  • If you shop in your local supermarket it’s hard to avoid some packaging, but you can recycle lots of it right there in store! This list shows what you can recycle at your supermarket carrier bag recycling points.
  • There are local charities that can use some of your old mobile phones and ink cartridges, such as Community Responders.
  • You can recycle textiles with Bags of Support, a local charity collecting textiles through schools. Charity shops are also a great way to pass on your old but well cared for clothes. You can also dispose of your textiles at the many textile recycling banks around Horsham.
  • If you have laptops that need fixing or that you want to get rid of, pop along to one of our Kinder Tech events and speak with the team. All electronic waste, when it isn’t getting donated to a charity or concern, should be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Site for recycling.
  • Composting is also a great way to free up space in our bins and feed our gardens at the same time. If you want to start composting your food waste, order your discounted bin from WSCC here.
  • If you want to know more about recycling, or what is the best way to dispose of any of your waste, please get in touch with laura via email at