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The Kinder Living Show Story

Our Story

It all began when I started up-cycling some furniture…

I run an interior design practice near Horsham, called Fresh Traditions and I promote sustainable design to my clients. I never beat anyone around the head with green issues, but I do try and encourage clients to choose more eco-friendly products and finishes, restore and reuse furnishings, and pass on or recycle what they don’t need.

I’ve always been into all kinds of crafts and really enjoyed bringing some unwanted old pieces of furniture back to life with paint and decoupage. When it started to take over our own home, I thought I’d better look for somewhere to promote it. I came to the conclusion that having a stand at the right kind of local event would be a good idea…. except I couldn’t find the right kind of show.

You how sometimes you have one of those little ideas that just sort of sprouts and grows? Well I started thinking about all the suppliers I work with locally, other small businesses I know and trust, and it struck me how many of them are offering greener options where clients want them. I started talking to colleagues and before I knew it we were building the first Kinder Living Show!

We made a good start, nothing’s perfect in its first year, but I’m proud of what we created from scratch. Now it’s our second year, we learned a lot and we’re back!!

Our aim is to create an annual event, bringing Sussex and Surrey homeowners together with local businesses, local charities, councils and not for profit groups – adding in a huge dose of information, enthusiasm and creativity (and cake – there had to be cake). We hope the results will inspire local homeowners to do what they can. No judgement, no sermons, just working together to do our bit for the planet, whilst saving money and being kinder to ourselves. Because I really do believe that we can live in a way that’s

  • Kinder to you
  • Kinder to your wallet
  • Kinder to the planet

We’re young, growing and welcome ideas, so please do join in and get in touch if you have any suggestions. I look forward to seeing you.

Jeanette Mercer
Show Organiser


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